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EXPO - Extra Product Options

Create extra product options to sell custom-made, print-on-demand products, custom stickers and other add-on services.


Meet EXPO - Extra Product Options for Shopify

EXPO allows you to add option sets and custom fields to help customers get their unique product variant.

Infinite variants options

Engage your customers with a custom product they'll never forget.

Add dynamic product options

Dynamically display the product add-ons based on what the customer has selected.

Earn from extra fees

Start a new income stream through infinite custom options, extra fees, and service charges.

Add options

File upload
Time picker
Date picker

Set up

Field description
Default value
Required field
Conditional logic
Conditional fees
Show extras
Show total price


Manually assign to products
Bulk assign to products
Live preview
Multi select swatches
Edit error notice
Input field validation
Translation ready
Multi-currency supported

Want unlimited product options on your store?

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