24+ Shopify Store Examples (And How They Are Built)

24+ Shopify Store Examples (And How They Are Built)

Have you ever thought about operating an e-commerce store? You don’t have any idea how to build the store?

Shopify websites are a great example to give you inspiration for creating your store. 

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the secrets behind their success, uncovering the building strategies and tactics that have helped these brands thrive in the competitive world of ecommerce. From stunning design elements to innovative marketing techniques, you will discover the key ingredients for building a successful Shopify store. 

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to be inspired by these incredible examples. 

The Best Shopify Store Examples

When it comes to building a successful Shopify store, the power of a well-designed and visually appealing online store can instantly capture the attention of potential customers and create a positive and memorable shopping experience. To illustrate specifically, let’s take a look at some stunning Shopify store examples that have mastered the art of captivating design.

Pom Pom London

Pom Pom London Shopify store examples

Pom Pom’s design is a website with a beautiful design and an intuitive visual interface that easily attracts users at first glance. The simple color schemes and clear fonts are perfectly crafted to accentuate the product images. 

The design of the website gives off a sense of luxury and sophistication, which effectively conveys the high quality of the brand. The menu bar is arranged appropriately to navigate customers to the necessary pages. 

The website is designed to provide customers with all the necessary information and shopping options, ensuring that they can navigate it with ease. Simply put, this website is an outstanding example of effective design and user experience.

How they are built:

  • Pom Pom London was built in Impulse – a theme with flexible, fashionable, proven design with powerful promotions.
  • This website used the Variant Option Product Options App to create variant options for products.
  • Geolocation also was used on this website to switch languages to visitors based on their browser preferences and location. 
  • Hextom: Quick Announcement Bar App helps the store display promotion with a customized bar.
  • For visitors to get in touch with your business quickly, this website chooses the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget App. 


Lawazen Shopify store examples

Lawazen is a beautiful Shopify website example for your inspiration. This website is designed with elegant color tones and eye-catching images to create a unique and impressive shopping environment. This is a store with mechanical products, so the images presented are somewhat technical.

Lawazen helps customers easily find necessary information about products to make the right choice for themselves and for businesses to conveniently promote their products.

This store provides good equipment and also allows customers to design their products according to their preferences, the store serves a variety of products.

How they are built:

  • This website was built with the Sense theme which has extensive product detail layouts.
  • Kickflip app supports adding color variants, text, images, or any component options to any kind of custom product.
  • The store can fulfill orders quickly by personalizing and customizing any print-on-demand product with the Teeinblue Product Personalizer app and Printful: Print on Demand app.
  • Shopify Inbox is a tool that lets the store chat with customers.

Citadel Home

Citadel Home Shopify store examples

This website is designed to sell colorful clothing products. With a minimalist design, showing only the main image of the product, the website has a simple color tone, creating an environment with a simple style but attracting customers to focus on the brand.

The stores present all the necessary information for customers when shopping.

How they are built:

  • Grid is the theme that creates this website.
  • To create a waitlist and notify customers when previously out-of-stock products become available, this store uses the Appikon‑Back In Stock App.
  • LayoutHub saves time building a website with high-quality layouts.
  • Stores can attract customers’ attention with unique product labels with the support of BSS: Product Labels & Badges App.
  • Get in touch with customers quickly by SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget App.

Souvie Brazilian Concept Store

Souvie store

The store is showcased with pastel color tones and elegant fonts, to highlight the jewelry accessories products that the store wants to promote. The images of the store are presented visually. The use of striking imagery in this store not only attracts attention but also immerses customers in the brand’s bohemian lifestyle.

However, not only focusing on products, this website also shows feedback from previous customers, as well as tells a story about the store’s founding process.

Souvie is definitely an example of a perfect Shopify website that creates a delightful e-commerce experience for customers.

How they are built:

  • This website was created with Debut theme.
  • Easy to integrate Instagram Feed to store with Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed app.
  • The store can protect customers’ data and boost trust by using the Consentmo GDPR Compliance app.
  • Easy to translate store into multiple languages and offer real-time currency conversion with Transcy: AI-Language Translate App.
  • This store also uses the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget App to interact with customers.


Manika Co shopify website examples

This store uses vibrant colors, bold patterns, and eye-catching images to create a unique and impressive shopping environment that fully represents the fashion style the store aims to achieve.

The image is presented visually with a feminine style, the store mainly attracts female customers.

Store information is presented clearly, including reviews from previously used customers.

How they are built:

  • Mode theme built this website.
  • For growing eCommerce businesses, use the Enzuzo Data Privacy App to build, customize, and launch privacy tools.
  • Boost AI Search & Filter App helps maximize sales with an AI-Powered search bar, and custom product filter.
  • Provide 24/7 help for customers by Willdesk‑Live Chat, and Helpdesk app.
  • Growave is the app that replaces several apps: loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, and wishlists.


Lanasia store

Lanasia is a store specializing in Swimwear, so it is designed with a style that is minimalist but also a bit wild. Images are presented eye-catching to attract customers to the store’s products.

The website shows the store’s unique perspectives and customer reviews to build trust with customers. We love how they added an Instagram channel to give customers more opportunities to reach the store quickly.

This website combines perfectly with e-commerce to boost store sales.

How they are built:

  • The Theme created for this website is Broadcast.
  • The store can create a custom-size chart to provide customers.
  • Easy to collect and display product reviews and star ratings to build trust and boost sales with the Judge.me Product Reviews App. 
  • With an ecommerce store, estimated delivery dates, and delivery times is very important. On this website, the Delm Estimated Delivery Dates app supports doing that.
  • This website also uses the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget App for customers to get in touch.



DIY ITINERARY is a website about tourism. With cool color tones combined with colorful images, it brings an eye-catching feeling to customers and makes them feel like they are living in that scene.

The website fully provides information about tours as well as information about them to meet the demands of customers. The website also provides blog articles about travel. This is a website with a design that perfectly complements the brand’s focus on natural, eco-friendly products.

How they are built:

  • The website is built using the Publisher theme – a pioneering theme inspired by studios.
  • As a website that accepts travel books, it must focus on protecting customers’ private information and have strategies to retain loyal customers through using the Shopify Privacy & Compliance app and the Rivo: Loyalty & Referrals app. 
  • Customers can contact directly to book a tour through the Shopify inbox app.
  • Provide services to customers around the world with the Geolocation app.


Kraftology store

Kraftology supports beautifully handmade items, so the website’s style is designed elegantly and luxuriously to highlight the beauty of the product.

With images arranged according to each specific product with a minimalist but no less eye-catching style, customers are immersed in the world of the product. The way the website combines the store’s Instagram page helps customers see many images of the products.

How they are built:

  • The website is built with a minimalist theme – Dawn.
  • Customers can easily get in touch with the store through the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget app.
  • Share many images and connect with a wide range of customers from many countries through Geolocation, and social networking channels such as Facebook & Instagram, Google & YouTube.

NAYA – Natural Effective Skincare

NAYA store

NAYA is a business providing vegan natural skincare products. The website is elegantly designed, and the colors are gentle, creating a feeling of being in harmony with gentle nature with good products for customers.

We like the way they bring out the prestigious awards that the business has achieved and combine it with showing off the advantages of the materials they use to increase customer trust in the product.

This is a perfect website so customers can trust and use the company’s products to protect their skin.

How they are built:

  • The business builds a website with a popular theme in the beauty industry – Expanse.
  • The most optimal way to gain customer trust is to show product reviews from previous customers and let customers refer to products that are suitable for them. This business used the Loox Product app. Reviews & Photos and Shop Quiz: Product Recommender to do just that.
  • Optimize images and SEO with Avada SEO & Image Optimizer app.
  • Easily manage international customer files with the Cozy Country Redirect app.

Strawberries & Cream

Strawberries & Cream store

Businesses design websites to target children as customers, using dark tones as a way to show the prominence of product images to attract children’s attention. The image is shown with a pink layer that brings a youthful feeling to customers.

The products are laid out, with eye-catching realistic images, and the website’s elegant font use is the perfect combination.

How are they built:

  • Website created by Impulse theme.
  • This website also uses the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget app so customers can contact the business directly.
  • Combine the use of social networking sites and the Geolocation app to easily manage customers from many different sources.

The Happy Soul

Happysoul store

Happy Soul is a business that provides accessory products to customers, so the website is eye-catching with elegant fonts that bring a luxurious and elegant feeling when customers visit.

Products are arranged logically, businesses also insert other information so that customers have more choices and enjoy the store.

How they are built:

  • The website is built with a minimalist theme – Craft
  • Easily manage and connect with customers through Instafeed – Instagram Feed, SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget, and Geolocation apps.
  • Use Infinite Options to upgrade the store with infinite product options, customizable colors, variant swatches, and bundling.

Bombay Audio

Bombay Audio

The website specializes in providing products for audio electronics, so the interface is designed to be the simplest, focusing mainly on the products. However, it is still possible to create an elegant overview for the website with fonts and image layouts that provide full information about the product and business to customers.

How they are built:

  • Bombay is built with the Prestige theme – a theme for premium products.
  • Businesses can easily manage and connect directly with customers via SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget, Facebook & Instagram, Google & YouTube apps.

Lau’s Living

Lausliving store

Lau’s Living is an awesome Shopify website example. The store is clean and professional looking. Because the store provides scented candle products, the web interface is elegantly designed with a beige color tone to create a gentle feeling for customers and highlight the product images.

They also provide product attributes so customers can better understand them. The store offers many payment methods to make shopping easier for customers.

How they are built: 

  • This website uses a Craft theme.
  • They also use SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget, Pushdaddy WhatsApp, Live Chat, Facebook & Instagram, Google & YouTube apps to interact with customers.

Bustins Jeans

Bustins jeans store

Bustins is a great Shopify website example for clothing stores to learn from. This website offers jeans clothes products, has gentle color tones with an intuitive structure, and allows shoppers to easily find the products they are looking for.

With beautiful images, we like the way they provide recommendations on previously selected products to help customers easily make better shopping choices.

How they are built: 

  • This website was built with a Prestige theme.
  • Customers’ data can be protected by the Consentmo GDPR Compliance app.
  • Customers can easily choose the right product for them through the Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender app.
  • Stores can notify customers about products back in stock to increase sales.
  • The website is easily accessible to customers in many different countries through the Weglot ‑ Translate Your Store app.

Rōff Jewellery


Rōff Jewellery is also a great Shopify website example. The store specializes in providing silver jewelry products. We like the way they present their free shipping offer to customers. Minimalist color tones create a luxurious feeling when customers visit the store. The harmonious layout with elegant font easily attracts customers’ attention.

How are they built: 

  • Artisan is the theme of this website.
  • The store provides customers with honest reviews through the Product Reviews with Photo PRO app.
  • Stores improve SEO and rank higher in search engines with Yoast SEO ‑ SEO for stores app.
  • Customers easily get in touch with businesses via the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget.

Loopi Stroller Subscription

Loopi store

Loopi is a great Shopify website example of products from strollers to high chairs for babies. This website employs vibrant colors, bold patterns, and eye-catching imagery to create a visually stunning and unique shopping environment for parents.

The unique idea of this store is to rent children-related products because they understand the short-term needs of children but still maintain a loyal customer base because they provide products for all ages of children.

How they are built: 

  • This website was built with a Streamline theme – an eye-catching theme designed for quick impact 
  • The store uses SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget, Facebook & Instagram, Google & YouTube apps to easily connect with customers.

KB Seeds

KB Seeds store

KB Seeds is a typical Shopify store example for agricultural and plant products. This store utilizes a natural color palette, organic textures, and imagery inspired by nature to create a calming, fresh, and inviting atmosphere. The design perfectly complements the brand’s focus on natural, eco-friendly products, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.

How they are built:

  • KB Seeds uses the Refresh theme.
  • This store protects its content, images, and texts from being stolen by Cozy AntiTheft app.
  • KB Seeds also uses the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget App to interact with customers.
  • Geolocation is the app that helps the store manage customers in the whole world.


Mazen store

If you intend to run an online cosmetics store, Mazen is a great Shopify website example for you. The website does not focus on decoration, only introducing the products that it provides, but still creates an eye-catching feeling because of the intuitive product images.

We love how they have a dedicated section to offer promotions to customers and they organize the product layout by Brand’s category making it easy for customers to find and shop.

How they are built:

  • This website was built by Ella theme.
  • Stores build trust with customers by using the Shopify Privacy & Compliance app to protect their data and information as well as other legal regulations.
  • Easily contact and manage customers through SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget App and POWR: Contact Form Builder.

Sn Supply Sneaker

SN Supply store

Sn Supply Sneaker is an awesome Shopify website example. The store looks elegant, has stunning visuals, and professional. Additionally, we love how they implement product discounts on the page to encourage visitors to make a purchase but still collect the information of customers. 

The website shows the store’s advantages as well as the best-selling products to create trust for customers. And the website also displays the store’s blog posts to help customers understand more about the product.

How they are built: 

  • They use a theme reserved for premium products – Prestige to build the website.
  • Stores can collect customer cookies by using the Nova: EU Cookie Bar GDPR app to create a beautiful GDPR cookie consent bar.
  • Use Hextom: Ultimate Sales Boost app to drive sales on the website on holidays like Black Friday, and BFCM.

Azel Atelier

AzelAtelier store

Azel Atelier is the Shopify store example of Indian fashion. As we know, Indians wear traditional clothes, but in this store, they also sell modern minimalist accessories and fashion. With stunning visuals, the store displays romance and nostalgia at heart. 

This Shopify website has a rewards button to build relationships with customers. More special, they also display a video to promote their products. 

How they are built: 

  • Azel Atelier was built with the minimalist theme – Craft.
  • The store can create loyalty and rewards programs to retain customers with the Smile: Loyalty & Rewards app.
  • To boost sales, the store bundles products together with discounts and they use the Unlimited Bundles & Discounts app. 


Bonjourbebe store

You want to run a store that specializes in providing products for babies. Bonjourbébé is an amazing Shopify website example for you. They built a website with bright and relatively light colors to highlight the product. They combine beautiful design with incredible usability to create a shopping experience that makes you want to buy their products.

The website also inserts Google Maps to help customers easily find their store as well as build trust with customers.

How they are built:

  • With Impulse Theme, the store built a professional website with powerful promotions.
  • The Omnium Maps app helps this store add Google Maps.
  • The store uses the Hextom: Ultimate Sales Boost app to create multiple discount campaigns and leverage the function of BSS: Product Labels & Badges to display the banners/labels of this campaign to get customer’s attention.
  • Customers can quickly review this store because they have used the Stamped Product Reviews & UGC app. 
  • The store can avoid getting fined by Pandectes GDPR Compliance app.

Salaterra Deco


Looking for a sample website for a store that specializes in decorative items, Salaterra Deco is an excellent Shopify website example. With modern design, combined with elegant fonts, this is a website with stunning visuals and makes customers feel like they are living in a luxurious area. They arrange a logical menu and divide products into categories so customers can easily choose products.

The big plus point is that the store provides a discount code as soon as customers access the website to build a good relationship between the store and customers.

How they are built:

  • They have a tool to protect customer’s data, this is Consentmo GDPR Compliance.
  • When purchasing in this store, customers can follow their package with the AfterShip Order Tracking app.
  • The store easy to get in touch with customers in any country with the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget and Geolocation app.

Decent Dwell Decor

Decent Dwell Decor

This website provides customers with products used for home decoration & home essentials. With vibrant colors, this store attracts customers with products in a variety of colors and shapes. They also demonstrate outstanding advantages in their website to create trust with customers.

How they are built:

  • This store can give an amazing user experience, they have used the Be Yours Theme.
  • To encourage customers to buy many products, they have added an “Add to cart” button to every product and created an instant social proof by VP: Add To Cart Sticky app.
  • They also use the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget app for customers to get in touch with them.
  • GemPages Landing Page Builder is the tool that helps them quickly create pages of any type with templates, or generate layouts.
  • The store can collect store visitors as subscribers, requiring no personal information, PushOwl helps the store increase sales.
  • Another way to increase your revenue, the Sticky Add To Cart Bar Pro app helps the store create a smart sticky product bar to make potential customers pay attention to products.

Heritage Weaves Online

Heritageweaves store

Heritage Weaves is a Shopify store example for fabric, silk, and Indian fashion products. The colors of this website are a bit classic, imbued with Indian cultural identity, so perhaps this store will attract less modern customers, but it still has a customer base. own. However, the font and layout of this website still have a modern minimalist style.

We were especially impressed with the display of their incentive program for customers in the first part of the page.

How they are built:

  • The store was built with a Dawn theme.
  • For customers to schedule appointment bookings, the store uses the Tipo Appointment Booking app.
  • The BEST Currency Converter app assists the store in converting prices to the customer’s local currency.
  • This store also uses the SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget and Geolocation app to interact and support customers from anywhere. 

Use These Shopify Website Examples to Inspire Your Own

Wrapping up the lessons from the above websites, building trust and credibility is essential for the success of the e-commerce niche. Because customers are more likely to make a purchase when they trust the brand and feel confident in the products or services being offered.

If you want to build a successful store on Shopify, you should pay attention to prioritizing high-quality product images and descriptions, which play an important role in attracting customers’ attention and showcasing products in the best light. Additionally, by making previous customer reviews and testimonials a prominent feature on the website, that way we can demonstrate that the product is well-received and trustworthy. And especially provide multiple channels for communication, such as live chat, email, or phone support, and answer questions quickly and professionally. And more than that, to build a successful website there are many factors that you must learn. Let’s check out some Shopify store examples in our article and learn more.

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