5+ Best Shopify Currency Switcher Apps in 2023

5+ Best Shopify Currency Switcher Apps in 2023

You may use any of the several free currency converter applications available in the Shopify app store. We would like to share with you 5 of the top Shopify currency switcher apps in this post. It is arranged to help you make your customers’ purchasing experiences better.

Let’s get started! Each Shopify currency switcher app on the list offers amazing benefits as well as drawbacks.

1. Transcy

Transcy Shopify Currency Switcher Apps

Transcy has over 13,000 merchants worldwide and has produced outstanding results in e-commerce. This has proved that it is the most effective tool to convert prices to each customer’s national currency despite only being available on Shopify marketplaces for a short period of time.

With Transcy by FireApps, you can add more than 167 currencies to your Shopify store. Prices are presented in accordance with the location of the client. Typically, this may result in a higher conversion rate. To check the conversions in currencies, you may also use the calculators available on the official site of calculator online.


  • The app is one of the most trustworthy platforms to exchange currencies
  • You can use it anywhere and anytime 
  • Helps you to generate profits on transactions by earning points

2. BEST Currency Converter

Best Currency Coverter Shopify Currency Switcher Apps

Grizzly Apps developed the Shopify app BEST Currency Converter, which offers more than 160 different foreign currencies. To provide businesses with the greatest experience possible, the pricing will automatically switch based on their locations. By assisting the consumer in using their native currency, you may reduce cart abandonment and dissatisfaction.


  • Rates are automatically translated in this app
  • You get a chance to choose any currency conversion
  • By using the application, you are likely to increase your profit incomes 

3. Auto Currency Switcher

Auto Currency Switcher

One of the simplest Shopify apps to utilize is Auto Currency Switcher by MLVeda. It offers a premium subscription with a complete feature set or a free alternative with minor restrictions.

Based on IP addresses, this program locates users and translates prices to their native currencies. It aids in the removal of digits after decimal points.


  • In this app, there are multiple currencies exchange options
  • The app automatically converts the currencies 
  • You will see a currency switcher integration while using this application

4. Multi Currency Converter Hero

Multi Currency Converter Hero Shopify Currency Switcher Apps

Customers may view pricing in any currency on your website with the help of the Booster Apps Multi Currency Converter Hero. For your store, this software automatically displays the customer’s currency.


  • This advanced Shopify currency switcher app allows you to boost your sales
  • Advanced rounding is available 

5. BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++

BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ Shopify Currency Switcher Apps

A third-party Shopify software called BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ by Helixo changes currencies based on the customer’s geography and supports more than 160 different currencies.

Prices are converted via Quick Loader without a noticeable change from the original retail pricing.


  • This app instantly converts the currencies from one frequency to another
  • The size of the application is only 9kb which allows you to keep it on your device without any hurdle

Which App Do You Find Most Useful?

The finest free currency converters available in the Shopify app store don’t differ all that much, but if you need one for your e-commerce site, we appreciate your study.

The five options we have listed are outstanding, hassle-free solutions with great reviews that improve your customers’ shopping experiences. These also provide your conversion rate an almost immediate boost and increase your sales while you are getting ready to sell in foreign markets.

Almost all of them do the same function. Now pick the app that best suits your customers’ demands, enables some customization, and is light enough not to negatively impact your store’s performance.

Last Words

Apps that convert currencies are essential for business owners who want to expand internationally and access new markets. By automatically translating your customers’ pricing at the appropriate level based on the exchange rate, these applications assist you in customizing your customers’ purchasing experiences. So, you require a currency converter tool to handle it for you.

In addition to the fabulous Shopify Currency Switcher Apps we mentioned earlier, there are other ways to take your international customer experience to the next level. For example, consider customizing your product pages with charming options like:

  1. Vario – Variation Swatches
    With Vario, your customers can enjoy swatches for collection pages, variant options, out-of-stock styling, image hover, and color swatches. How lovely!
  2. EXPO – Extra Product Options
    EXPO offers over 101 product options, variant options swatches, and file upload capabilities. So many ways to add a personal touch!
  3. WhatsApp Chat Widget
    With a handy chat widget, WhatsApp contact button, and top-notch customer service, your customers will feel valued and supported every step of the way.
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